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Los Olivos Training Camp

Goal One

We consider websites a great medium for telling someone’s story, be it a brand, company, a person or an idea. Before we could conceptualize the design, we first had to establish the main goals the website had to achieve. We talked to our client a lot and gathered all the required information for the training camp while establishing a relationship of trust. Thus, the main goals were successfully defined.

And there you have it – the main purpose of this website was to promote cycling tourism in Spain and let people know what Los Olivos can offer for cycling, triathlon and running enthusiasts.


Logo Design, Website Design, Video Production

An extra mile

Just to make things clear, when we refer to storytelling, we don’t necessarily mean the design and UX approach in which the story is told in a linear way. It’s more that everything we put in a website needs to breathe together and tell a story.


Ron Studios has created two websites that are artistic, effective and beautiful. I do recommend Ron if you are looking for a web designer that can take your ideas and expand them efficiently.

Julio Sanchez – Managing Director

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